UW CS Guest speaker event (12/1/2023)

          Bellevue College’s Tech Startup Club (TSC), in collaboration with the Computer Programming Club (CPC) and Tech Club (TC), recently hosted an enlightening event at the N201 building on December 1, 2023. The University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering took center stage with guest speakers Max, Jintae, and Berky. These BC alumni shared their journeys from pursuing Associate Degrees in Arts & Science to successfully gaining admission to UW’s prestigious Computer Science Program.

          Starting off with a warm welcome from Ethan, the President of CPC, kicked off with a delightful spread of hamburgers, fries, and brownies. The unexpected surge in attendance, surpassing the planned 50, led to a shortage of food. The agenda flowed seamlessly from a Mingle and Eat session (1:55-2:10) into insightful presentations (2:10-2:35) by Max, Jintae, and Berky.

Food Catering
Kahoot Interaction

          The agenda flowed seamlessly from a Mingle and Eat session (1:55-2:10) into insightful presentations (2:10-2:35) by Max, Jintae, and Berky.A dynamic Q&A session (2:35-2:40) ensued, followed by an engaging Kahoot on UW campus and CS (2:40-2:50). The event concluded with a networking opportunity and collective cleanup effort (2:50-3:00), reinforcing the collaborative spirit that defined the evening.

Max's Journey to UWCS

          Max, a Running Start student from Manhattan, NYC, shared his journey from Bellevue College (BC) to the University of Washington (UW). Admitted as a first-year student, Max illuminated the opportunities, quality education, and vibrant community that drew him to UW. In his presentation, he candidly discussed challenges, from rigorous courses to navigating cafeteria lines, providing a glimpse into UW’s academic realities.

          Max detailed the core and elective classes crucial to his Computer Science major, offering valuable insights for aspiring students. He shared personal experiences, addressing the highs and lows of university life, including the costs of dorm living and the vast UW campus.

Jintae's International Insights

          Jintae, a transfer student from Seoul, Korea, shared his journey from Bellevue College to UW, emphasizing the challenges faced by international students in gaining admission. Using transfer statistics, he underscored the competitive landscape of Computer Science admissions. Jintae offered valuable insights, outlining transfer requirements, providing application essay tips, and offering general advice. 

          Drawing from personal experiences at UW, he stressed the importance of planning in navigating the complexities of the admissions process. His presentation served as a comprehensive guide for aspiring transfer students, shedding light on the nuanced aspects of transitioning to UW’s Computer Science program.

Berky's Tips for Freshman Applicants

          Berky, a Running Start student hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, paralleled Max and Jintae’s Running Start experience at Bellevue College (BC). In his presentation, he navigated through first-year acceptance statistics for UW’s Computer Science program, highlighting distinctions among Washington residents, non-residents, and international students. Berky provided valuable application tips, stressing the significance of infusing personal essays with uniqueness and vulnerability.            Additionally, he shared insights into the world of extracurricular activities and offered a glimpse into his fraternity house experience at UW. Berky’s perspective, rooted in local context and enriched by personal anecdotes, served as a comprehensive guide for aspiring students, offering practical advice and a realistic portrayal of the diverse aspects shaping the academic journey from Running Start at BC to the Computer Science program at the University of Washington.

Q&A Session for Students

          Following Max, Jintae, and Berky’s insightful presentations, the event transitioned seamlessly into a dynamic Q&A session. Students engaged with the speakers, receiving tailored advice for their diverse backgrounds and concerns. The trio, with openness and expertise, addressed questions, fostering a sense of community. This interactive segment not only provided personalized insights into navigating the University of Washington’s Computer Science program but also created a collaborative atmosphere. The event’s success lay in the speakers’ ability to cater to the varied needs of the audience, leaving students inspired and well-prepared for their academic journeys.

          Bellevue College’s collaboration between the Tech Startup Club, Computer Programming Club, and Tech Club brought together an enriching event that offered BC students a roadmap to success in gaining admission to UW’s Computer Science program. 

          The personal stories, application tips, and networking opportunities made this event a valuable resource for aspiring Computer Science students. As the collaboration continues, these insights will undoubtedly inspire future generations to navigate the challenging but rewarding path to the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

Streamed Video & Powerpoint for the event:

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